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of time. the president's going off to hawaii shortly. so i think they may -- maybe have two weeks left and it's not the time to through complex policy issues. so they should extend them for some period of time so whether that's when in the c.r. expires. that gives them the more, you know, hard times when things, you know, hard deadlines when issues need to be addressed. david, because we've worked together for so long enlisted everyone that i would. these are strongly agreed to bipartisan issues, raise the retirement age for medicare, raise it for social security as well. index it to longevity. take care of the quotas. take care of reducing subsidies by further means testing premiums which exist today. add a premium for part a. consolidate the premiums and there's further means testing that could be done through progressive indexing and things like that. those are things that have been talked around around town in the policy committee. you can be do a bill very, very quickly. does it need to be done in december? not if you extend all policy and the important thing is that this makes a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1